Course overview

This is a well-covered treasury and risk management course. We investigate the various risk aspects of organizations, and treasury specific risks. Risk management measures and techniques will be introduced used in the marketplace. Cash management for corporates, including cash pooling strategies, and for financial institutions are well represented, and will assist in obtaining the right knowledge to manage these areas. Financial instruments, hedging and optimization of cash flows are supportive to the whole course content building crucial knowledge.

The course has plenty of interactive assignments to make the subject discussed become livelier, hence it improves our understanding at the same time. Further, the Q&A sessions will help to bring real case studies to the table.

Course Objectives

By the end of this course participants will be able to:

  • Understand hedging techniques
  • Understand cash management
  • Understand a wide range of financial instruments
  • Understand cash optimization
  • Understand risks and how to management them
  • Understand risks within the organization
  • Understand treasury risk

Who should attend?

  • CEO’s / Co-Founder’s / Partner’s
  • Chief / Directors / Head / Manager /Executives: Investment & Portfolio
  • Chief / Directors / Head / Manager / Executives: Risk Management
  • Chief / Directors / Head / Manager / Executives: Finance
  • Chief / Directors / Head / Manager / Executives: Audit
  • Chief / Directors / Head / Manager / Executives: M&A

Course Content

  • Various risks applicable to all organizations
  •  Risks pertaining the complete treasury environment
  • Limits control
  • VaR
  • Earnings at risk
  • Risk policy and strategy
  • Liquidity management techniques
  • Corporate cash management
  • Interest rate products
  • Foreign exchange products
  • Futures
  • Derivatives
  • Various funding techniques
  • Structured finance
  • Debt issuance
  • Various hedging techniques
  • Cash pooling
  • Zero balancing
  • Cross border pooling
  •  Different treasury structures