Strategic Maintenance Planning, Scheduling & Execution Masterclass

Course Introduction

Asset management provides a platform for an enterprise to operate as a sustainable wealth-generating entity in a demanding economic environment. Leading companies utilise the maintenance functionality as a high leverage contributor to business profitability. This is done through its impact on equipment capacity, product quality, response to market requirements, safety, health, the environment, and the cost of production. The results and benefits from implementing a world-class maintenance operation should yield a significant improvement in plant profit, as well as many intangible benefits such as higher levels of customer satisfaction, employee pride and vendor relations.Strategic maintenance planning and scheduling is fundamental to asset integrity and operational success. If it is the aim of the enterprise to be world class, the maintenance organisation and strategy have a critical role to play in this mission. Derived from business goals, such a strategy cannot be separate from other functions, but rather as an intrinsic part of a holistic approach to generating value.

Learning Outcomes

After completing the course, participants will be able to:

Who Should Attend?

The course takes a strategic and practical approach by addressing fundamentals in addition to pragmatic tactics for everyday operation. Course participation will enhance the skill sets of all personnel who apply, manage or are directly affected by maintenance planning and scheduling activities. Attendees to include: