Course overview

In order to improve company profitability and ability to drive up market share, the demand for an effective and efficient procurement management is a pre requisite. Key competencies in area of cost control, applying strategic strategy to manage supplies and the negotiation of the most advantageous benefits to the company is extremely important.

This program promotes the key competencies in strategic procurement strategies, the technique of managing cost saving activities and handling effective negotiation in order for managing an efficient and effective procurement system in the company.

Benefits of attending this training

  • UNDERSTAND the strategic sourcing role of procurement in business operation
  • IDENTIFY The type of strategy to be in place to manage the procurement system
  • DEVELOP action plan to implement suppliers management strategies
  • CARRY OUT risk assessment and take action to overcome to ensure supplies are not disrupted
  • MANAGING negotiation effectively as a procurement person
  • MANAGING cost reduction plan to enhance operational efficiency of the company


This training will involve the following area to enhance learning:

  • Power point presentation
  • Case studies & Brain storming session
  • Discussion on subject of learning
  • Facilitating by trainer to enhance understanding of subject matter

Who should attend?

This training program is highly recommended for employees involve in the managing of the supply chain function in the company

  • CEO / CFO / COO
  • Chief / Directors / GM / Manager / Executives: Procurement & Purchasing
  • Chief / Directors / GM / Manager / Executives: Logistics & Transportation
  • Chief / Directors / GM / Manager / Executives: Supply Chain
  • Chief / Directors / GM / Manager / Executives: Order Management & Distribution
  • Chief / Directors / GM / Manager / Executives: Inventory & Warehouse Management
  • Chief / Directors / GM / Manager / Executives: Production / Manufacturing
  • Chief / Directors / GM / Manager / Executives: Planning & Control
  • Those just getting started in the field of supply chain management or a related discipline

Course Content

  • Definition of Purchasing versus Procurement
  • Role of Purchasing versus Procurement
  • Job Function of Purchasing and Procurement
  • Cycle of Procurement
  • Key Fundamental to Effective and Efficient Procurement
  • Definition of Strategic and Tactical
  • The Ps , Qs and Rs of Procurement
  • Key Objectives of Procurement and Purchasing
  • Strategic Role of Procurement
  • Tactical Role of Procurement
  • Strategic Sourcing Strategy and the different level of sourcing
  • Competitiveness Model for strategic procurement system
  • Value Chain creation in procurement
  • Supplier Quality Management
  • Supplier Relationship Management
  • Supplier Performance Management
  • Supplier Management Process Cycle
  • Cause and Effect Technique (5 Why and 1 How) for problem evaluation
  • Strategic Cost Evaluation with Should Costing
  • Strategic Cost Analysis for best pricing
  • Price Analysis versus Cost Analysis
  • Supplier Segmentation Management
  • Breakout room discussion
  • Cost Reduction versus Cost Avoidance
  • Area of Cost Reduction and Cost Avoidance
  • Key Factors to consider in Cost Reduction
  • Opportunity cost in cost reduction activities
  • ERRANT cost reduction and avoidance strategy
  • Break out room discussion
  • Integrative Negotiation
  • Distributive Negotiation
  • Contract Negotiation
  • Stages of Negotiation
  • SWOT analysis
  • Competitiveness model
  • Deciding red lines in negotiation
  • Knowing your opponent traits
  • The Soft Negotiator
  • The Principled Negotiator
  • The Hard Negotiator
  • Traits of a good negotiator
  • Bad Negotiator habits
  • Mistakes made in Negotiation
  • Body language in negotiation
  • Clear planning of objectives and goals
  • Understand when to walk away
  • Managing Reject and counter offer
  • Dealing with difficult negotiators
  • WATNA strategies
  • BATNA strategies
  • Break out room discussion and roleplay
  • Definition of 3rd party risk management
  • Cycle of 3rd party risk management
  • Securing supplies with 10 C selection and evaluation
  • Conducting audit and key areas of audits
  • Suppliers managing strategies
  • Definition of Strategic and Operational Risk Management
  • Strategic Risk Assessment
  • Operational Risk Management
  • Conducting Competitiveness Analysis
  • Fraud Management
  • Preemptive technique to avoid disruption
  • Case study – Where are your company operation in term of ensuring undisrupted supplies of inventory?
  • Post test x 20 questions