Marine Terminals Operations, Management, Maintenance & Safety

Course Introduction

This two-day training course is essential for marine terminal personnel. All applicable marine terminal regulations (current & proposed) and policies pertaining to marine transfer operations and spill contingency planning will be discussed. Attendants will receive a solid foundation of the requirements for oil & hazardous material facilities and transfer operations.

This course will concentrate on Oil & Gas Marine Terminals and will cover all Operational and Managerial requirements for Oil/Gas marine terminals from the Human Factor up to the Vessel/Tanker operations within the oil/gas industry. This will cover the On-shore/Off-shore Terminals, Hydrocarbon properties & Handling, Regulations & Requirements, Terminal Planning, Vessel Operations, Terminal Management & Operations, Security & Safety and other essential topics related to Export/Import Oil & Gas.

The topics presented during this training course will provide companies with the information necessary to meet current and proposed compliance requirements more economically while maintaining the highest level of safety

Learning Outcomes

Upon the successful completion of this course, each participant will be able to:

Who Should Attend?

This course covers the systematic techniques of optimizing oil and gas marine terminals for marine terminal managers, superintendents, supervisors, engineers, port captains, custody superintendents, facility managers, facility training coordinators, safety & environmental managers/engineers/officers, spill management team members, transfer supervisors, marine shipping coordinators and dock maintenance planners.