Energy Consumption, Energy Balance, Baseline and EnPI’s In Oil & Gas Plant

Course Introduction

Energy is usually defined as the capacity to do work. Nature provides us with numerous sources of energy, some difficult to utilize efficiently (e.g., solar radiation and wind energy), others more concentrated or energy dense and therefore easier to utilize (e.g., fossil fuels). Energy sources can be classfied also as renewable (solar and non-solar) and nonrenewable. This course will deal with Energy resources in oil & gas plants, Energy consumption & Energy performance indicator in oil * gas industry. In this course also will study Sustainable energy reductions SERs and the potential to reduce energy consumption in process plants. The Course will provide an overview of the various Energy systems, key selection consideration and how they are integrated into oil & gas plants facilities. Exercises & Case Studies will be used to identify the Energy consumption, energy balance, baseline and EnPIs in oil & gas plant.

Learning Outcomes

Who Should Attend?