Course overview

This course will help with developing EAs, PAs, Office Professionals and Administrative Assistants to become a more strategic business partner to their executives. They will learn to effectively manage and increase their managerial potential by utilizing their Emotional Intelligence and personal influence, at the same time, improving their communication in all spheres of their roles.

This 2-day course is interesting, challenging and will be stretching your EAs, PAs, Office
Professionals and Administrative Assistants through realistic case studies, problem solving exercises and practical skills to develop themselves.

Key benefits of attending

By the end of this course, your EAs, PAs, Office Professionals and Administrative
Assistants will:

  • Understand how to develop a strategic partnership with their executive
  • Understand Emotional Intelligence and the importance thereof
  • Implement communication skills and increase their power of influence
  • Discover strategies to manager their personal brand and career progression

Who should attend?

  • Senior administrators
  • Office managers
  • Executive assistants
  • Supervisors of junior staff who already possess the essential administration skills and are seeking to further advance their career.

Course Content

  • Develop a trusting relationship with your boss
  • Planning skills to anticipate and proactively support your boss
  • Extending the partnership
  • Aligning and expanding partnering relationships

  • The importance of managing your manager
  • How to get to know and understand your manager
  • Different aspects of managing your manager

  • Identify your personal brand and source your strengths
  • Identify tasks that ad value to your value
  • Understand how you interact with others plays a big part of your personal branding
  • Promote yourself clearly and powerfully

  • Learn the importance of prioritizing
  • Discover when you are most productive
  • Why we waste time and what to do about it

  • Characteristics of EQ
  • Strategies to improve your self-awareness
  • The importance of EQ in the workplace

  • Learn something new and have some fun
  • Improve self awareness and the awareness of others through using E-Colours
  • Discover your Strengths & Potential Limiters
  • Understand how the E-Colours works in Action

  • Discover the common reasons why we don’t praise as often as we should
  • Find out how to deliver effective praise and make sure the person knows it

  • Find how to criticize without jeopardizing your own position
  • Practice the Praise Sandwich

  • How to influence others and get maximum effect
  • Discover the difference concepts of influence

  • Figure out the five ways to keep your career moving forward
  • Utilize effective tips to move your career forward
  • Future proof yourself despite uncertainty