Creating Dashboards With Excel & Power BI Masterclass

Course Introduction

This course is highly interactive from the very beginning to the very end. At every stage delegates will be in no doubt as to the reason for everything we are doing as well as appreciating the ways in which they can apply their new knowledge and skills when they return to work. The course begins by ensuring all delegates are aware of and can apply the most important and fundamental concepts and techniques using both Microsoft Exceland Microsoft Power BI for the desktop.

Delegates will appreciate this course most of all if they come to it not only with Excel 2016 or Office 365 fully installed but also with the mindset that is ready to contribute to all discussions and being ready to illustrate their discussions with examples and suggestions of their own.

Before the course begins, delegates will be provided with detailed instructions on setting up Excel and downloading and installing power BI and anything else that is appropriate at the time.

Not only is this cause interactive it is intensive and even though it is only 2 days long, there is still a great deal we can achieve.

Who Should Attend?